Patio Covers

ACRYLITE® Patio Systems Patio & Deck Covers, Sunrooms & Screenrooms Spa & Pool Enclosures

Protect your deck or favorite outdoor environment or cover that spa or pool while still enjoying the natural light. Block the harmful UV rays without blocking the light from nearby doors and windows. Don’t let rain ruin that outdoor gathering and create some extra living space for your home.

Built to last

Produced from the most weatherable polymer on the market, ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet outperforms other covering products like fiberglass, polycarbonate and PVC products. A 30-year warranty against yellowing and 10-year hail warranty assures you that your cover can withstand the test of time. Combing this with our structural aluminum framework, your fully engineered Patio System is designed to last.

There is a multitude of reasons how one could benefit from ACRYLITE® Patio System and from the smallest cover to the largest enclosure our system is flexible enough to accommodate. Talk to us today about how we can help make your dream become a reality.

For all seasons and installed by qualified pros

ACRYLITE® IMPACT Acrylic or Glass, your T-Bar Roof system has undergone the test of time and withstood whatever Mother Nature has chosen to bring our way. Heavy snow loads, high winds, driving hail and intense heat have all been overcome for decades in real world situations.

Further confidence can come from knowing you are dealing with a dynamic "hands-on" company that has been in the field working with the system for several decades. Durable, Maintenance-Free finishes and engineered, structuraly capabilities are combined in an attractive, easy to install system that you can be confident and proud to include in your project.

Chances are, your "unique situation" or "tricky application" has been encountered before and we are more than willing to help every step of the way. Even more likely is that once you come to know the T-Bar Roof system you'll quickly discover for yourself that the "unique situation" is easily accommodated and the "tricky application" isn't quite so tricky after all.


For those who insist on Glass for particular applications, specific design reasons or simply from personal preference, we are equally able to accomodate.

Our unique glazing spline inserts into the same T-Bar system used with our Acrylic systems to offer the same structural performance and long-term maintenance free dependability.



ACRYLITE® IMPACT Double-Skinned Sheet is key to our structural, durable, maintenance-free T-Bar Roof Systems.

This isn't the flimsy 6mm or 1/4" product found in many of the competitions offerings. At a full 16mm or 5/8" in thickness, it far outperforms the others in structural capabilities.

Add to this it's UV blocking capabilities, it's hail resistance, light diffusing properties and No Drip surface. You'll soon discover in virtually all aspects, there are few products to match it.

Available in multiple solar tints, ACRYLITE® IMPACT 
Acrylic is a solid choice for your new patio cover!

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Patio Cover Features:
  • Double skinned acrylic sheets in Clear, Bronze, Solar Cool White & Cool Blue Heatstop
  • Heavy duty, extruded structural aluminum T-bar
  • Resistant to wind, heat, hail, rain, and snow
  • Maintenance Free